Thursday, February 18, 2016

Facebook’s Expansion of Instant Articles Available To Everyone

As the Internet continue to evolve, new technologies in Internet marketing will emerge and will define how products and services will be marketed in the near future. A sound plan and a streamlined Internet marketing will do wonders on your campaigns and if done to absolute perfection, expect great rewards and getting your business or brand to the top.  Read from here the great news that Facebook announced.

Facebook’s Expansion of Instant Articles – The Next Step in the Plan for Internet Dominance

maxresdefaultFor a long time, there were a set of posters which adorned the walls of Facebook’s Menlo Park offices emblazoned with one, simple statement.

This was the creed upon which Facebook was built, how the company had grown from a Harvard hobby project to a multi-billion dollar giant. Moving fast was key to Facebook’s success. But I say ‘was’. Now that Facebook has grown so big and has so many people logging onto and using the platform every day, moving fast is no longer their priority – nor can it be with so much on the line. These days, Facebook has wider ambitions, grander goals for expanding the network’s presence and societal influence. Learning from past mistakes and taking into account where they’re at, Facebook’s new mantra could more effectively be summed as:

“Take Considered Steps and Dominate”

That’s where Facebook is headed. So much as The Social Network doesn’t overtly state this objective – Zuck and Co prefer the narrative of ‘connecting the world’ – Facebook is a business, and a business that’s learned how to win, how to fend off competition, and, essentially, how to dominate the market and advance towards strengthening their market position, bit-by-bit. And they’re doing this on several fronts.

This came to mind yesterday when it was announced that Facebook’s set to open up Instant Articles to all publishers. Instant Articles, for those unaware, is Facebook’s play to dominate online publishing – which, by extension, is increasingly publishing itself. Through Instant articles, publishers post their content direct to Facebook, which means their content loads faster on the network, loads faster on mobile via Facebook’s back-end system capabilities, and generally looks and performs better on Facebook’s platform via a range of specialized features like improved photos (with zoom and ‘tilt-to-explore’ capacity), autoplay video and interactive maps. The catch is that people are coming to your website to read your content – they stay on Facebook. Read full story here.

Whats unique about Facebook Instant Article is that the news is written specifically for Facebook and is not published anywhere else. Check out more about it from this article.

Facebook’s Instant Articles Available to Everyone on April 12th

Facebook’s proprietary solution quick loading content, Instant Articles, will be made available to everyone as of April 12th. Publishers of any size, anywhere in the world, will be able to post content to Facebook using the Instant Articles platform.

Previously, the platform was only available to a small test group of a few hundred publishers. The goal was always for it to be available to everyone, Facebook says, and come April 12th at the F8 conference it will be ready for a full roll out,

Similar to Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Facebook’s Instant Articles aim to solve the problem of slow-loading content on mobile devices. Web articles take an average of 8 seconds to load on Facebook’s app, which is the slowest of any single content type. Instant Articles is said to be able to load articles up to 10 times faster than standard mobile web articles.

Publishers have full control over how the content is displayed in an Instant Article, including ad placements, and will have access to page analytics data. In fact, publishers can even sell their own ads direct to advertisers for placement in Instant Articles and use their own tracking platforms, such as Google Analytics.

Publishers will keep 100% of the revenue made from ads not sold through Facebook. Alternatively, there is always the option to monetize content through the Facebook Audience Network.

Facebook claims it will be easy for publishers to adapt to publishing via Instant Articles because it is built using the same publishing tools already in use on the social network. According to its own documentation, the easiest way to publish Instant Articles is to create a unique RSS feed that gets fed.

Instant Articles can also be created manually on Facebook itself. Once made available to everyone, you’ll be able to click Publishing Tools at the top of your page and select Instant Articles from the menu on the left of the screen.

Expect more details after the official worldwide release on April 12th.

Opening up Instant Articles will allow any publisher to tell great stories, that load quickly, to people all over the world. This is where experts from Internet Marketing can help your business play the Social Media game and get out on top.

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